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Free Download Improve Your Math Book

Improve Your Math


Consider Improve Your Math as a personal tutor: From basic arithmetic to fractions, from decimals to percentages, from algebra to geometry, from graph reading to statistics and probability, your child can get the extra practice necessary to master middle school math. This book includes page after page of problem-solving strategies that really work, in-depth explanations of difficult math concepts right in the lessons, and step-by-step guidance for tackling the different kinds of math problems found on standardized tests and classroom math tests. You’ll also find hundreds of practice problems with complete answer explanations and practice word problems that apply the skills learned in each section to situations encountered every day. Plus, there’s a pre-test and a post-test to help identify strengths and weaknesses—and to show progress.



Book Name :

Improve Your Math Book

Author : Francine D. Galko
Published By : Learning Express Llc
Page number : 208
ISBN 10: 157685406X
ISBN 13: 978-1576854068
File size : 1.4 MB

Improve Your Math Book








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